Powder cable tray, also known as powder coated cable tray, is sprayed with a layer of fireproof paint on the surface of the cold galvanized cable tray to provide fireproof and flame retardant effect. In fact, the cable tray itself will not catch fire. Cable is big possible to catch a fire. Fire retardant coatings have both decorative and flame retardant functions. The thickness of the fireproof layer requires to be greater than or equal to 1mm, and fire protection time must be more than 30 minutes. This is the standard for general cable tray fireproof paint. Basically, steel is playing a fire protection role. The surface of the fire-proof cable is coated with a layer of fire-proof material. The powder cable tray is suitable for power cables below 10KV, as well as indoor and outdoor overhead cable trenches and tunnels for control cables, lighting wiring, etc. The fireproof capability of cable tray bases on its material and manufacturing process. Different materials match different production. There is a certain deviation in fire protection grade. Our company’s powder cable tray is produced according to Table 10 of JB / T 10216-2000 “Electric Power Distribution Cable Tray”, which can make the powder cable tray more uniform and reliable.

Metal Cable Trunking
Metal powder Cable Tray for Taian Company
Powder Cable Tray For Logistics District Construction In Taian

The laying of the cable of the logistics park requires a higher level of fire protection for powder cable tray. After finding our company through the search engine, the customer found that the project address is closer to our company. And customers came directly to our company to inspect the quality and fire degree of the powder cable tray. Our skilled workers give customers a fire rating test on the spot, and the fire results are in line with the customer’s requirements. The customer decided to cooperate with us on the spot. Due to customers’ urgent construction time, our workers worked overtime to produce  cable trays for  customers .Now the cable installation had completed smoothly. When we made a customer return visit, the customer said that they were very satisfied with our cable tray products. Customers were happy to say that if their friends need cable tray, they will recommend us to friends.

Powder cable tray has extremely good fire and fire retardant effect. Its’ advantages are fire resistance, oil resistance, corrosion resistance, non-toxicity, no pollution, and convenient installation. Fireproof coatings are characterized by thin coating, high fire resistance and strong adhesion. Powder cable tray are often used in places with fire protection requirements. The surface is rough. And the surface will feel rough and slanting when touched. It will not burn when it encounters  fire. And it can prevent the fire from spreading and play a certain role in fire prevention. Powder cable tray have a variety of colors, which can be designed to match the color of the building.

 Powder Cable Tray In Taian
 Powder Cable Tray
Fireproof Cable Trunking For Taian Logistics District Construction

Specification of Powder Cable Tray For Logistics District Construction In Taian

  • Thickness:1.0-2.0mm
  • Specification: 150*100*2000mm; 200*100*2000mm;  300*150*6000mm
  • Total: 9.6 tons

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