Outdoor use cable ladder is mainly hot dip galvanised cable ladder to provide anti-trust properties. Hot dip galvanized outdoor use cable ladder is made of steel cable ladder which is immersed into the zinc bath at a high temperature of 600 °, it can make the surface of the zinc layer adheres to the anti-corrosion effect. The thickness of the galvanized layer of outdoor use cable ladder is directly related to the thickness of raw material. The thicker the raw material, the thicker the zinc layer of hot dipped galvanized cable ladder . The thickness of the zinc layer matches the corrosion resistance of outdoor cable ladder. So outdoor installations or corrosive installation environments, industry experts recommend the use of hot-dip galvanized outdoor use cable ladder.

Cable Ladder For New Plant Of Coking Company In Taian
Cable Ladder For New Plant Of Coking Company In Taian
Cable Ladder For New Plant Of Coking Company In Taian

The customer’s coking plant is mainly used for the production of chemical products such as crude benzene, coal tar, coal gas and sulfur. Because of the particularity of the use environment, they needed to consider the anti-corrosion and fire-proof performance of the cable tray in the selection of cable ladder. The hot-dip galvanized outdoor us cable ladder is the ideal cable tray for the project.

The outdoor us cable ladder project was located in Tai’an. The customer wanted to find a professional manufacturer of outdoor use cable ladder in the local area. Customers considered the qualifications and reputation of the cable tray suppliers when selecting the suppliers. We communicated with each other. The customer decided to visit our company. Customers knew about our advancing cable tray production equipment and production processes. And our workers tested the quality of our outdoor cable ladder for our customers on site.The customer immediately decided to cooperate with us. Now the installation has completed and the customers approved our outdoor cable ladder  products. Looking forward to our next cooperation.

Steel Outdoor Use Cable Ladder For New Plant Of Coking Company
Outdoor Cable Ladder For New Plant Of Coking Company
Outdoor Cable Ladder For New Plant Of Coking Company

Nowadays, outdoor use cable ladder has been applied to various fields to lay cables. It plays an excellent role in the maintenance of the cable. It has achieved very good protection against the flame-retardant and fire-proof of the cable.

Specification of Outdoor Use Cable Ladder for Coking Plant In Taian

  • Thickness:1.5-2.0mm
  • Specification:200*100*6000mm 300*150*6000mm  600*150*6000mm
  • Total: 12 tons

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