HDG perforated cable ladder is also hot dipped galvanized cable ladder. It is  one of the cable laying equipment commonly used in steel mills.Hot dip galvanized perforated cable ladder has three major advantages: 1. It has very good corrosion resistance. 2. The warranty period is long, about 30 years. 3. The cable can be well protected in a large number of outdoor environments where the atmospheric corrosion is severe. Among various coating methods for protecting a steel substrate, hot-dip galvanizing is a very excellent one. It is not only plated with a thick layer of pure zinc on HDG perforated cable ladder, but also a layer of zinc-iron alloy after a relatively complicated physical and chemical action in the state of zinc being liquid. The steel mill is the main customer of the hot-dip galvanized perforated cable ladder.

HDG Perforated cable ladder for Steel plant expansion In Kenya
HDG Perforated cable ladder for Steel plant expansion In Kenya

The expansion of the customer’s steel plant required a lot of supplies.And just one friend was a supplier of Kenyan customer cables. When we learned that we were cable tray and cable ladder manufacturer in We chat . My friend recommended us to Kenya customers. Our staff immediately contacted the customer by phone. Please  customer sent us the purchase list and technical requirements about hot dipped galvanized perforated cable ladder. We sent HDG cable ladder offer and quality certificate to the customer according to the customer’s requirement. After reviewing our price list and certificate, the customer decided to conduct a site visit to us. As a result, the customers were very satisfied with our products. Now the hot-dip galvanized perforate cable ladders had been successfully delivered to the customer’s project address.And the installation effect is very good. Kenyan customers said they hope to have the opportunity to cooperate with us again.

HDG Perforated cable ladder for Steel plant expansion In Kenya
HDG Perforated cable ladder for Steel plant expansion In Kenya

The application of hot-dip galvanized perforated cable tray has also expanded correspondingly with the development of industry and agriculture. Therefore, hot-dip galvanized cable trays are used in industry (such as chemical equipment, petroleum processing, marine exploration, metal structures, power transmission, shipbuilding, etc.), agriculture (example sprinkler irrigation, boudoir), construction (example water and gas transportation, wire sets) Pipes, scaffolding, houses, etc., bridges, transportation, etc. have been widely adopted in recent years. Because hot-dip galvanized products have the characteristics of beautiful appearance, good corrosion resistance, etc., their application range is more and more extensive.

Specification of HDG cable ladder for Steel plant expansion In Kenya.



Specification:100*100*2400mm  300*100*2400mm  600*100*2400mm

Total: 6.8 tons

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