Indoor cable tray is the kind of metal cable tray that can be made with galvanized sheet or finished with powder coating, FRP, hot dip galvanizing, etc. The indoor cable tray is suitable to contain electrical cables in the underground garage. Powder coating is a surface treatment method. Because indoor cable trays require a higher appearance, so it is often finished with galvanized powder coated method. The galvanized powder coated cable tray is available in a variety of colors. Therefore, the powder coated cable tray can meet the decorative requirements of the underground garage.  Therefore, the production of the powder coated cable tray is often cost effective.

Indoor Cable Trays For Underground Garage In Qingdao
Indoor steel Cable Tray For Underground Garage In Qingdao
Indoor galvanized Cable Tray For Underground Garage In Qingdao

We got the customer’s inquiry that there was an underground garage cable installation project. And we found out from the customer over the phone that the project should bid for the indoor cable tray products. Our staff immediately prepared the price list for the indoor cable tray, production qualification, quality certification, performance table and other information to participate in the bidding. Fortunately, the quality and price of our products met the requirements of our customers. After many communication and negotiation, we won the bid. In order to reassure our customers, we warmly invited customers to visit our company. Afterwards understanding the advanced production equipment of our cable tray and the excellent production process. Customers highly approved of our indoor cable tray products. Now that the installation of the cable tray has  completed.The cooperation between the two parties is very pleasant.

Indoor cable tray should be finished with powder coating method which has the similar functions as the galvanized cable tray. The cable (wire) is protected in a sealed environment. The shielding performance is very good, and it is equipped with electrostatic powder spray. It has much advantages such as anti-static, anti-rust, increase load capacity, waterproof, etc. After the electrostatic spray processing, the appearance of the cable tray  itself would be relatively smooth. The installation was completed to greatly improve the aesthetics.

Galvanized Cable Tray For Underground Garage In Qingdao
 Cable Tray was installed Underground Garage In Qingdao
Powder Cable Trays For Underground Garage In Qingdao

Specification of Indoor Cable Tray For Underground Garage In Qingdao

  • Cable Tray Thickness: 1.5-2.5mm
  • Specification: 100*100*2000mm 300*200*2000mm  400*200*6000mm
  • Total quantity: 15 tons

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