Ladder type cable tray,also called cable ladder,consists of ladder sides and cross arms. The ladder sides and cross arms are pressed with reinforcing ribs. The appearance looks beautiful, and the load capacity is large. The surface treatment of ladder type cable tray can divide into galvanized powder coated, galvanized, hot dipped galvanized etc. Our light weighted high strength energy saving cable tray  has the load capacity and excellentresistance to deformation.  Ladder cable tray has the effect of surpassing heat dissipation, safety and energy saving. So that the heat of the cable in the cable tray can be fully dissipated.

The good heat dissipation of the stepped bridge delays the aging of the cable insulation. And it also improves and extends the safety factor and service life of the cable. The economic value created by energy saving will bring direct economy and benefits to users and society. Ladder type cable trays are an indispensable product in the construction industry. Ladder type cable tray with cover is ideal for use in hot outdoor environments. So  it is a cost-effective cable installation cable tray product.

Ladder Type Cable Tray For Solar Project In Yantai city
Ladder Type Cable Tray For Solar Project In Yantai city
Ladder Type Cable Tray with cover For Solar Project In Yantai

Our customer came from a construction and installation company. He just got one solar installation project required ladder type cable tray products. Our customer found us through the website. We sent him the information about the product specifications and technical parameters that the customer needed. Then the customer sent us the product inquiry. We quickly sent the quotation to him. After comparing other suppliers, the customer felt that our product quality and price was in line with his expected price. After the customer sent his staff to the factory to check the goods. They recognized the quality of our products. Finally, he decided to cooperate with us, the installation of solar energy project has been completed. The customer was very satisfied. We are looking forward to cooperating again.

Ladder Type Cable Tray For Solar Project In Yantai city
Ladder Cable Tray For Solar Project In Yantai city
 Cable Ladder For Solar Project In Yantai

Specification of Ladder Type Cable Tray For Solar Project In Yan tai


Specification:100*100*3000mm 150*100*3000mm  200*100*3000mm

Total: 20 tons

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