Cable management requires that cable laying must be equipped with cable trays to protect the cables and ensure safe use of electricity. Galvanized cable trays are mainly used for laying indoor cables. Galvanized cable tray is the most commonly used one in cable management systems. The zinc layer of the galvanized sheet is relatively pure, and the corrosion is slow in the fog of acid and alkali, which can effectively protect the steel matrix; the zinc coating is passivated by chromic acid to form white, color, military green, etc., which is beautiful and has certain decoration. Because of the good ductility of the zinc coating, various forms such as cold stamping, rolling, and bending can be performed without damaging the plating. In the indoor cable management, the galvanized cable bridge is the most cost-effective. Cable trays are a good choice for cable management.

Cable Management for cable tray product
metal cable tray for cable management
steel cable tray

The cable management trimming in the customer’s factory requires the use of an indoor cable tray and finds us through the search engine. Please we gave their some suggestions for the cable tray and accessories used for cable management. Our technical engineers immediately rushed to the customer’s project address, carefully surveyed the construction site, and then drafted the drawings to calculate the number of cable trays and accessories required for customer cable management.

Cable tray and accessories need to be purchased for cable management through publicly and fairly online bidding. Our business staffs  immediately prepared and applied for online bidding according to the requirements of the customer. Soon we received the winning bid email. The two sides began the first cooperation.

Specifications of Cable Management for Cable tray in Yantai


Specification:200*100*2000mm  100*100*3000mm  300*100*3000

Total: 985  m

metal cable tray
cable management
perforated cable tray

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