Ladder rack cable tray is ideal for laying the widest range of applications in thermal power plant, petroleum, chemical, power, light, television, and telecommunications. Ladder rack cable tray  has the advantages of light weight, large load, beautiful appearance, simple structure, convenient installation, good heat dissipation and ventilation. The bottom heat dissipation hole can be used as a mounting hole, and the installation is more reliable. The structure of the bend, the three-way and the four-way is a circular arc with a beautiful appearance.And the cable bends naturally to avoid the breakage caused when the cable is bent, and can increase the strength of the cable tray. Ladder rack cable tray ’s features is semi-closed type, bottom punching vents.

Ladder rack cable trays have many advantages, such as stability, high strength, corrosion resistance, flexible wiring, and good performance. The cross-sectional shape of Ladder rack cable tray is consistent after processing and forming, and there are no defects such as bending, deformation, welding slag, edge burrs and the like. The cable tray wiring slots are smooth and flat with no bumps and sharp corners.

ladder rack cable tray
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Our staff browsed the bidding project of the ladder rack cable tray of the thermal power plant through the bidding network. After submitting our company’s profile and production qualifications to the tendering agency, after reviewing the strength of our company in line with this project, the staff quickly prepared. Our staff took the quotation and bidding materials went to the bidding site, and the customer selected us to produce Ladder rack cable trays of the project through comparison. Now the product has been delivered to the construction site, and the customer has passed the acceptance test, indicating that there is an opportunity to continue cooperation in the future.

Specification of  Ladder rack cable tray for Thermal power plant  in Qingdao


Specification:300*150*3000mm  400*150*3000mm  300*100*2000

Total: 2000  m

ladder type cable tray
hdg cable ladder
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