Wire cable tray is generally manufactured by welding and surface treatment of metal wire. Wire cable tray is often open to make cable ventilation naturally. And the temperature inside wire cable tray does not rise. As a result,  It optimize cable performance. Cables can use smaller cross-sections for reducing cable purchase costs. Wire cable tray do not need  any elbows, tees and other components. Workers can make various forms  accessories  according to  actual construction conditions. It’s feature is very easy for designers and installers. It can significantly reduce installation time.

Cable Tray For Paper Making Industry In Jining
Wire mesh cable tray for paper making company
Metal cable tray for paper making company

The cable in the wire cable tray is visible. So the cable is  placed in the order of construction. The technical workers can spray into various colors according to customer requirements. The whole system appears vivid after installation. It is different with black or gray of the previous machine room. Tune the dull atmosphere. Another popular approach is to use a natural cable tray but use colored cables. Because it is an open cable tray, it is also very beautiful after installation.

The customer found us through the search engine.And they called us to communicate details of wire cable tray. The customer sent a detailed inquiry to us. We sent wire cable tray quotation to customers soon. The customer was very satisfied with our price after comparing with other suppliers.  We invited customers to visit the company to confirm product quality. The customer felt satisfaction after visiting our  production lines and finished products. Both sides signed contract on the spot. Now the project finished to install cable.It was so nice .Hoping that there will be opportunities  to cooperate each other again.

Specification of Wire Cable Tray For Paper Making Industry In Jining

Thickness: 1.5-2.5mm

Specification: 50*50*3000mm  100*50*3000mm

Total: 5.6 tons

Wire mesh cable tray for paper making in Jining
Wire mesh cable tray for Jining city
Wire cable tray for paper making company

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