Powder Coated Cable Trunking

Powder Coated Cable Trunking

  • ISO9001 and CE Approved Cable Tray Manufacturer
  • Strong corrosion resistance and wear resistance
  • Beautiful shape, good fire performanc
  • Dust, hard objects and liquid can be prevented with the mated cover
  • Finished by powder coated method
  • Flexible, easy and fast installation
  • ODM or OEM are available
  • High quality, competitive factory price


Powder-coated cable trunking, also called powder coated trunking,  is engineered for exceptional durability and robustness. This corrosion-resistant trunking is capable of withstanding high loads. It is also eco-friendly, serving as a non-conductor of electricity and offering absolute flame-retardant properties. Available in various sizes and specifications, powder-coated cable trunking provides versatile solutions for effective cable management.

1. What Is Powder Coated Cable Trunking?

Powder coated cable tray is the surface of the cable trunking using spraying technology to achieve certain decorative, anti-corrosion, anti-oxidation, and more. Powder coated trunking is a type of cable management solution commonly fabricated from hot or cold rolled mild steel. It undergoes a powder coating finish process, which adds a protective and visually appealing layer to the trunking. The use of inexpensive mild sheet material makes powder-coated galvanized cable trunking a cost-effective option for projects that require cable support and protection.

JLH Electric offers a wide range of sizes and types of powder-coated galvanized cable trunking to suit various installation requirements. This type of trunking offers an economical and efficient method for safeguarding, supporting, and routing electrical or communication cables in commercial or industrial buildings.

By utilizing powder-coated cable trunking, organizations can ensure the safe and organized installation of cables while providing protection against external elements and potential damage. The powder coating adds an extra layer of durability, enhancing the trunking’s resistance to corrosion and wear.

Powder coated trunking offers a practical and cost-effective solution for cable management needs, making it a popular choice in commercial and industrial settings. Its versatility, affordability, and protective properties make it an ideal option for supporting and transporting cables in various applications.

2. Technical Data of Powder Coated  Galvanised Cable Trunking

Type W (mm) H (mm) Weight (Kg/m) L (mm)
XQJ-C-01A-1 50 25  11.8 2000-6000
XQJ-C-01A-2 100 50 19.1 2000-6000
XQJ-C-01A-3 150 75 25.4 2000-6000
XQJ-C-01A-4 200 100 36.1 2000-6000
XQJ-C-01A-5 250 125 45.2 2000-6000
XQJ-C-01A-6 300 150 54.3 2000-6000
XQJ-C-01A-7 400 200 85.4 2000-6000
XQJ-C-01A-8 500 200 100.0 2000-6000
XQJ-C-01A-9 600 200 120.0 2000-6000
XQJ-C-01A-10 800 200 151.0 2000-6000
  • Suitable for electrical, network and fibre cables, etc
  • Finish products are available by galvanized method
  • ODM or OEM are available

3. What Are Advanatges of  Powder Coated Cable Trunking

Powder-coated cable trunking offers significant advantages, including strong corrosion and wear resistance, attractive appearance, fire performance, protection from external elements, flexibility in installation, ODM and OEM options, and high-quality construction at competitive prices. These advantages make powder-coated cable trunking a reliable and efficient choice for effective cable management systems in various industrial, commercial, and residential settings.

3.1 ISO9001 and CE Approval

Powder-coated cable trunking is manufactured by ISO9001 and CE approved cable tray manufacturers. This certification ensures that the trunking meets high-quality standards and adheres to strict manufacturing processes, guaranteeing reliable performance.

3.2 Strong Corrosion and Wear Resistance

Powder coated trunking is designed to provide excellent corrosion resistance and wear resistance. The powder coating acts as a protective barrier, preventing the trunking from rusting or deteriorating when exposed to moisture or harsh environments. This ensures the durability and longevity of the trunking, even in demanding conditions.

3.3 Attractive Appearance and Fire Performance

Powder-coated cable trunking features a visually appealing finish. The powder coating process allows for a smooth and even application, resulting in a uniform and attractive appearance. Additionally, the trunking exhibits good fire performance, providing an added level of safety and compliance with fire regulations.

3.4 Protection from Dust, Hard Objects, and Liquids

Powder-coated cable trunking is often equipped with a mated cover that prevents the entry of dust, hard objects, and liquids. This protective feature ensures the integrity of the cables and reduces the risk of damage or interference caused by external elements.

3.5 Flexible and Easy Installation

Powder-coated cable trunking offers flexibility and ease of installation. The trunking is designed to be easily manipulated and adjusted to fit various cable management requirements. Its lightweight construction and modular design simplify the installation process, saving time and effort.

3.6 ODM and OEM Options

Powder-coated cable trunking often provides ODM (Original Design Manufacturing) and OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) options. This means that customized designs and branding can be accommodated, allowing for tailored solutions that meet specific project requirements.

3.7 High Quality and Competitive Factory Price

Powder-coated cable trunking is manufactured to high-quality standards. With ISO9001 and CE approval and stringent quality control, these trunking solutions offer reliable performance and durability. Furthermore, they are available at competitive factory prices, providing cost-effective cable management solutions.

4. What Is Powder Coated Cable Trunking Used For?

Powder-coated cable trunking is primarily used for cable management purposes in commercial and industrial buildings. It serves as a reliable and cost-effective solution for protecting, supporting, and organizing electrical or communication cables.  The main applications of powder-coated cable trunking include:

4.1 Cable Protection

Powder-coated trunking offers a secure enclosure for cables, protecting them from physical damage, dust, moisture, and other external elements. This helps to maintain the integrity and longevity of the cables, reducing the risk of potential malfunctions or disruptions in communication or power supply.

4.2 Cable Support

The trunking provides a structural framework for cable routing and support. It ensures that cables are properly organized and held in place, preventing sagging or excessive bending that could impact their performance. By providing a well-structured pathway, it facilitates easier cable installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting.

4.3 Cable Transportation

Powder-coated cable trunking enables the efficient transportation of cables from one location to another within a building. It allows for the easy routing of cables across walls, ceilings, or floors, ensuring a neat and organized cable management system.

4.4 Safety Compliance

Powder-coated trunking is designed to meet safety standards and regulations. It helps to prevent electrical hazards by enclosing cables and reducing the risk of accidental contact. Additionally, the trunking’s fire-resistant properties contribute to ensuring proper fire safety measures, making it suitable for installations in commercial and industrial buildings.

4.5 Versatile Applications

Powder-coated cable trunking is suitable for a wide range of applications. It is commonly used in office buildings, data centers, manufacturing facilities, hospitals, educational institutions, retail spaces, and various other settings that require efficient cable management.

5. About JINHENG Electric

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