Gi Cable Tray

Gi Cable Tray

  • Different thickness, size, forms for your demands
  • ISO9001 Cerfificated Cable Tray Factory
  • Ventilation for essential cables
  • Easy installation with accessories attachments
  • Easy inspection & location of cable fault
  • Easy addition or removal the old cable in existing Cable Tray
  • Less space utilization then compare too many conduits
  • Less Labour expenditure, Time saving in installation wiring system
  • Custom design and fabrication available
  • Best factory price


Gi cable tray, commonly referred to GI Perforated Cable Tray or galvanized cable tray, is known for its high strength and suitability for heavy-duty power distribution in industrial environments. These gi perforated cable trays are designed and manufactured to meet specific strength specifications, making them ideal for supporting and organizing cables in demanding applications.  JLH GI perforated cable tray is a premium cable management solution that offers enhanced quality and durability. The perforated design of the cable tray allows for proper ventilation and airflow, preventing the buildup of heat and ensuring optimal cable performance. This feature is particularly important in industrial settings where heat dissipation is crucial to avoid cable overheating.

As the leading cable tray manufacturer and supplier, JLH Electric offers cable tray systems including perforated tray, cable ladder, channel tray and strut channel in custom thickness and size at best factory price.

1. What Is A GI Cable Tray?

A GI cable tray or gi perforated cable tray, is a type of cable management system constructed from galvanized iron and mild steel. The cable tray features a slot pattern that is standard across its range. It is designed to support and organize various cables and wires, offering a durable and corrosion-resistant solution.

The construction of the GI cable tray using galvanized iron ensures excellent corrosion resistance. The galvanization process involves coating the tray with a layer of zinc, protecting it from rust and decay. This coating extends the lifespan of the cable tray and enables it to maintain its structural integrity even in harsh and corrosive environments. The galvanized iron construction makes the cable tray suitable for use in industrial settings where durability and long-term reliability are essential.

GI cable trays are available in various standard sizes, and they can also be customized to meet specific requirements and specifications. They are designed to provide support and protection to cables and wires, ensuring organized cable management within buildings and industrial facilities.

JLH focuses on delivering high-quality products, and their GI perforated cable tray is designed to meet industry standards and requirements. By offering a premium cable management solution, JLH aims to provide reliable and durable cable trays that meet the needs of industrial power distribution systems.

GI cable trays, such as JLH GI perforated cable tray, bring together the advantages of high strength, premium cable management, quality construction, and durability. These features make them well-suited for heavy-duty power distribution in industries where robust cable management solutions are essential.

2. Technical Data of JLH Gi Cable Tray

Type W (mm) H (mm) Weight (Kg/m) L (mm)
XQJ-P-01-6-2 200 60 20.39 2000
XQJ-P-01-10-2 200 100 28.71 2000
XQJ-P-01-15-2 200 150 34.49 2000
XQJ-P-01-6-3 300 60 30.07 2000
XQJ-P-01-10-3 300 100 38.37 2000
XQJ-P-01-15-3 300 150 42.59 2000
XQJ-P-01-6-4 400 60 45.78 2000
XQJ-P-01-10-4 400 100 51.90 2000
XQJ-P-01-15-4 400 150 59.50 2000
XQJ-P-01-6-5 500 60 53.54 2000
XQJ-P-01-10-5 500 100 59.51 2000
XQJ-P-01-15-5 500 150 67.12 2000
XQJ-P-01-6-6 600 60 65.47 2000
XQJ-P-01-10-6 600 100 67.15 2000
XQJ-P-01-15-6 600 150 75.29 2000
XQJ-P-01-6-7 700 60 76.57 2000
XQJ-P-01-10-7 700 100 82.37 2000
XQJ-P-01-15-7 700 150 94.59 2000
  • Suitable for electrical, network and fibre cables, etc
  • Finish products are available by galvanized surface treatment
  • ODM or OEM are available

3. What Are Advantages of GI Cable Tray?

GI cable trays offer a range of advantages, including corrosion resistance, versatility, heavy load-bearing capacity, ventilation, easy installation, inspection convenience, space efficiency, cost savings, customizability, and competitive pricing. These advantages make GI cable trays a reliable and efficient choice for effective cable management systems in various industrial and commercial settings.

3.1 Corrosion Resistance

The galvanized iron construction of GI cable trays provides excellent corrosion resistance. The galvanization process involves coating the tray with a layer of zinc, which acts as a protective barrier against rust and decay. This ensures the longevity and durability of the cable tray, even in harsh and corrosive environments.

3.2 Versatility in Thickness, Size, and Forms

GI cable trays are available in different thicknesses, sizes, and forms, allowing for customization based on specific demands. This versatility ensures that the cable trays can accommodate various cable sizes and installation requirements.

3.3 Heavy Load Bearing Capacity

GI cable trays are designed to support heavy loads. Their simple yet sturdy structure enables them to withstand the weight of cables and additional equipment, ensuring safe and secure cable management.

3.4 Ventilation for Essential Cables

The perforated design of GI cable trays allows for proper ventilation and airflow. This ventilation helps dissipate heat generated by cables, preventing overheating and ensuring optimal cable performance.

3.5 Easy Installation with Accessories Attachments

GI cable trays are designed for easy installation. They come with a range of accessories, such as connectors, clamps, and brackets, which facilitate quick and secure assembly. This simplifies the installation process and saves time and effort.

3.6 Easy Inspection and Location of Cable Faults

The open design of GI cable trays allows for easy inspection and access to cables. In the event of a cable fault, technicians can quickly locate and address the issue, minimizing downtime and maintenance costs.

3.7 Easy Addition or Removal of Cables

GI cable trays offer flexibility when it comes to adding or removing cables. The open structure allows for easy access, making it convenient to install new cables or remove old ones as needed, without the need for extensive reworking of the cable management system.

3.8 Space Efficiency

GI cable trays utilize less space compared to multiple conduits. The trays can be installed in a compact manner, optimizing the use of available space and reducing clutter.

3.9Cost and Labor Savings

GI cable trays can lead to cost savings in multiple ways. The simplified installation process and easy addition/removal of cables reduce labor expenditure. Additionally, the durability and longevity of the trays minimize maintenance and replacement costs over time.

3.10 Custom Design and Fabrication

GI cable trays can be custom designed and fabricated to meet specific requirements. This ensures that the cable trays align precisely with the installation needs, allowing for efficient and tailored cable management solutions.

3.11 Competitive Pricing

GI cable trays are available at competitive factory prices. With ISO9001 certification, cable tray factories adhere to high-quality standards, providing reliable products at cost-effective rates.

4. What Sizes Is JLH Gi Cable Tray?

JLH GI cable trays are available in a range of sizes to suit various cable management requirements. The sizes offered by JLH for their GI perforated cable trays are as follows:

  • Standard Width: The cable trays are available in standard widths of 50mm, 100mm, 200mm, 300mm, 400mm, 500mm, 600mm, and 700mm. These different width options allow for flexibility in choosing the appropriate size based on the cable capacity and installation needs.
  • Standard Length: The standard lengths available for JLH GI perforated cable trays are 2000mm or 2500mm. These lengths provide suitable spans for cable management, enabling efficient routing and organization of cables within the tray.

JLH ensures that their GI perforated cable trays can accommodate various cable management applications with a range of standard sizes. These sizes provide options for different cable capacities and installation configurations, allowing for effective cable routing, support, and ventilation.

JLH Electric also offers custom sizes or lengths for their GI cable trays upon request. This allows for further customization to meet specific project requirements and ensure optimal cable management solutions.

5. What Is Gi Cable Tray Used For?

GI cable trays are utilized for efficient cable management in various settings such as airports and railway stations. These specially designed trays feature evenly spaced holes that allow for organized routing and management of cables. By using GI cable trays, clutter is minimized, potential cable damage is prevented, and maintenance becomes more convenient in complex infrastructures. Specifically, GI perforated cable trays are commonly employed for organizing and supporting instrumentation, control, and power cables. Their perforated design offers additional benefits such as ventilation and airflow, making them suitable for a wide range of cable types and applications.

6. About JINHENG Electric (JLH Electric)

JLH Electric had been dedicated in fabricating and providing one stop cable tray products and  and solutions to worldwide customers since its foundation in 2007. Our high quality cable tray products include cable trunking, cable ladder, perforated cable tray, wire mesh cable tray, matching accessories and switchgear cabinet, etc. OEM and ODM are available.

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