Galvanised Cable Ladder

Galvanised Cable Ladder

  • ISO9001 Aprroved Cable Ladder Manufacturer
  • Robust Structure, Good ventilation
  • Light-duty, medium-duty and heavy-duty HDG cable ladder availability
  • Easy Self-splicing fittings to meet any installation conditions
  • Quality Bright surface means good material and quality
  • Wide rang of surface treatment and materials options
  • Reduce installation costs and time
  • Easy for changing, adding and moving
  • OEM/ODM Availability
  • Competitive Factory Price


Galvanised cable ladder, also called galvanized cable ladder or HDG cable ladder, is the most economical cable tray which is made with prefabricated C channel metal structure processed by galvanised method and connected by parallel transverse rungs to provide maximum ventilation in cable management system. JINHENG high quality galvanised cable ladder is designed and engineered to meet most requirements of cable and electrical wire installations especially suitable for the vertical cable placement. Galvanised cable ladder features high strength, light weight, low cost, attractive appearance, easy installation and good air permeability. It is suitable for the laying of larger diameter cables in general and is especially suitable for the laying of high and low voltage cables with large loads. 

1. What Is Galvanised Cable Ladder?

Galvanised cable ladder is a type of cable ladder system that has undergone a hot dip galvanization process. This process involves coating the steel ladder with a layer of zinc to protect it from rust and corrosion. The steel cable ladder is immersed in a bath of molten zinc at high temperatures, allowing the zinc to bond with the steel surface and form a zinc-iron alloy layer.

The galvanisation process provides effective protection to the cable ladder and ensures its durability during usage. The additional coating of hot zinc material adds an extra layer of defense against environmental elements, such as moisture and corrosive substances. This helps to extend the lifespan of the cable ladder and maintain its structural integrity over time.

Galvanised cable ladder is a popular choice in construction and industrial applications due to its corrosion resistance and durability. It provides a reliable and robust solution for organizing and supporting cables in various settings. The galvanized coating acts as a barrier, shielding the steel ladder from the damaging effects of rust and corrosion, even in harsh environments.

The hot dip galvanisation of cable ladders enhances their longevity and ensures they can withstand the demands of cable management in different industries and environments.

2. Tecnical Data of JLH Galvanised Cable Ladder

Type W (mm) H (mm) Weight (Kg/m) L (mm)
XQJ-T1-01-6-2 200 60 14.28 2000
XQJ-T1-01-10-2 200 100 17.37 2000
XQJ-T1-01-15-2 200 150 24.66 2000
XQJ-T1-01-6-3 300 60 20.22 2000
XQJ-T1-01-10-3 300 100 22.89 2000
XQJ-T1-01-15-3 300 150 22.58 2000
XQJ-T1-01-6-4 400 60 24.16 2000
XQJ-T1-01-10-4 400 100 29.00 2000
XQJ-T1-01-15-4 400 150 34.86 2000
XQJ-T1-01-6-5 500 60 27.81 2000
XQJ-T1-01-10-5 500 100 31.99 2000
XQJ-T1-01-15-5 500 150 37.95 2000
XQJ-T1-01-6-6 600 60 29.91 2000
XQJ-T1-01-10-6 600 100 34.76 2000
XQJ-T1-01-15-6 600 150 40.77 2000
XQJ-T1-01-6-7 700 60 35.73 2000
XQJ-T1-01-10-7 700 100 40.52 2000
XQJ-T1-01-15-7 700 150 46.47 2000
  • Suitable for electrical, network and fibre cables, etc
  • Finish products are available by galvanized method
  • ODM or OEM are available

3. What Are Advantages of  Galvanised Cable Ladder?

JLH galvanized cable ladders offer advantages such as customization options, robust structure, ventilation, flexibility, and competitive pricing. These features make them a reliable and efficient choice for cable management in various installations.

3.1 ISO9001 Approved Cable Ladder Manufacturer

Choosing a galvanized cable ladder from an ISO9001 approved manufacturer ensures high-quality standards and reliable performance.

3.2 Different thickness, sizes, and forms

Galvanized cable ladders are available in a range of thicknesses, sizes, and forms, allowing for customization to meet specific installation requirements.

3.3 Robust structure and good ventilation

The galvanized construction of cable ladders provides a robust structure that can withstand heavy loads. Additionally, the ladder design allows for good ventilation, preventing the buildup of heat and improving cable performance.

3.4 Light-duty, medium-duty, and heavy-duty availability

Galvanized cable ladders are available in light-duty, medium-duty, and heavy-duty options, catering to various cable management needs and load requirements.

3.5 Easy self-splicing fittings

Galvanized cable ladders come with self-splicing fittings, making installation flexible and adaptable to different conditions. These fittings simplify the process and ensure secure connections.

3.6 Quality bright surface

The bright surface of galvanized cable ladders indicates good material quality and durability. It also enhances visibility and aesthetics in cable management systems.

3.7 Wide range of surface treatment and materials options

Galvanized cable ladders offer a wide range of surface treatment and material options, allowing for customization based on specific environmental and corrosion resistance requirements.

3.8 Quick and flexible cable deployment

Galvanized cable ladders facilitate quick and flexible cable deployment. Cables can be easily routed and organized within the ladder, enabling efficient installation and maintenance.

3.9 Easy for changing, adding, and moving

The design of galvanized cable ladders makes it easy to change, add, or move cables within the system. This flexibility allows for future modifications and adaptability to evolving cable management needs.

3.10 OEM/ODM availability

Manufacturers of galvanized cable ladders often offer OEM/ODM services, providing customized solutions tailored to specific project requirements.

3.11 Competitive factory price

Galvanized cable ladders are available at competitive factory prices, ensuring cost-effective solutions for cable management needs.

4. What Is Galvanised Cable Ladder Used For?

Galvanised cable ladder is primarily used to support heavy-duty cables over long distances, making it an ideal solution for engineers looking to distribute and carry large amounts of wiring. Its robust construction enhances safety and organization within industrial plants and other settings. Galvanised cable ladder can support heavy cables, cable bundles, and pipes across extended spans. The flexible design allows cables to enter and exit at any point along the ladder, facilitating efficient installation and maintenance. Furthermore, cable ladders provide free air flow, crucial for preventing cable overheating. By ensuring proper airflow, galvanised cable ladders help maintain optimal cable performance and prevent potential damage.

5. About JINHENG Electric

JINGHENG Electric had been dedicated in fabricating and providing one stop cable tray products and  and solutions to worldwide customers since its foundation in 2007. Our high quality cable tray products include cable trunking, cable ladder, perforated cable tray, wire mesh cable tray, matching accessories and switchgear cabinet, etc. OEM and ODM are available.

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