Hot dip galvanized ladder cable tray is the kind of galvanised cable ladder.It is made of cold-rolled steel plate after being rusted and placed in a zinc bath at 600°C for anti-corrosion treatment. The hot dip galvanized process can ensure each part of the ladder cable tray is wrapped under a thick layer of zinc. Even if it is mechanically damaged during transportation. The zinc layer will not fall off and there are traces. JINHENG brand hot dip galvanized ladder cable tray can be guaranteed for 20 years of usage without corrosion.

cable ladder for external use
metal cable ladder for solar energy project
ladder cable tray
hot dipped galvanized cable ladder

Our Australia customer sent us his drawings for hot dip galvanized ladder cable tray installation. Our technical engineers designed and calculated the hot dip galvanized  cable ladder. The customers needed the quantity of cable ladder according to the drawings. After sending it to the customer for confirmation, the technical engineer discussed with our technical engineers on the drawing. The customer is very recognized by the technical and service of our technical engineer for the Hot dip galvanized cable ladder. The customer decided to place an order with us and finally signed a contract.

Specification of Cable Ladder for Cable Laying in Solar Energy



Total: 1.5 tons

perforated cable tray
ladder type perforated cable tray
ladder cable tray for solar energy in australian
perforated cable ladder for solar energy

With the continuous development of the hot dip galvanized ladder cable tray, this types of galvanized ladder cable tray have become more and more popular. Our hot dip galvanized  cable ladder  can meet the normal use in different environments. Usually galvanized ladder cable tray is made up of trough, tray or stepped straight sections, curved, or a multi-pass assembly, as well as a support arm, a hanger, etc. The hot dip galvanized ladder cable tray is a rigid structural system with closely connected support cables. Due to the good corrosion resistance and good rigidity of the galvanized metal cable ladder, it is continuously recognized and accepted by the market.There are a lot of applications in many ways.

The use of the metal ladder cable tray makes people gradually solve the problem that the traditional wire and cable installation .The floor space is wide, and the appearance is beautiful, which is a major improvement in the power system.

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