Cable trough is a fully enclosed cable tray that has good effects on the shielding interference of the control cable and the protection of the cable in a heavy corrosive environment. Moreover, cable trough is made of stainless steel, aluminum alloy or steel. The cover plate of cable trough is supplied with the trough body, and other accessories are common with cable ladder and perforated cable tray. Surface treatment is divided into galvanizing, fireproofing, electrostatic spraying, hot dip galvanizing, etc., which can be specially treated in heavy corrosive environment.

cable trough
cable trunking
steel cable trough

Cable trough with cover is easy to install and bears enough load to support the cable. It has a certain fire protection function and can also prevent the mouse from biting the cable. Commonly used in construction projects, such as the residences, shopping malls, office buildings, etc. we live in. It is suitable for power cables with voltages below 40.s kV, as well as indoor and outdoor overhead cables, cable trenches and cable tunnels for control cables and lighting wiring.

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Specification of cable trough for Primary school construction in Binzhou


Specification:200*100*2000mm  400*150*2000mm  300*100*2000

Total: 1520  m

galvanized cable trunking
galvanized cable trunking
steel galvanized cable trunking

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